About Speed Dating

Speed dating is when an equal amount of singles get together in relaxed setting, usually a bar or lounge. Tables are set with candles to try and set the mood. As people arrive they are given name tags, paper and pen. Once everyone has arrived the women are then asked to take a seat in their designated age group.  Women first as they will have that seat for the night. The men are seated last as they are the ones who move from table to table in a clock wise motion as to bring back chivalry or on the aspect that the women are looking for their suiters.  Once every one is seated the hostess will usually do a small speech about the do and don’t and a reminder to be nice to everyone. Then with a bell, bong or horn depending on the hostess choice it rings, and the dating begins.

Sounds pretty simple and straight forward, though in 2010 with all the social networking and online dating we’ve forgotten face to face interaction. While we use to catch up over lunch or drinks at happy hour, I’m now reading about your events, thoughts and personal achievement on any one of the popular social networking sites.

With online dating grasping a large part of the singles community, we have become accustom to sitting in front of our computer and handheld devices. Captivated by thought of possibilities who that person may be on the other end, who has in fact only revamped themselves better than the others. Online dating is a game of marketing for more hits of potential prospects.  Only to find out later on that what they said in their profile description wasn’t at all accurate.

While my goal isn’t too bad mouth anyone of the online dating or social networking sites. I’m suggesting it might be time for a change. Perhaps now that speed dating has become another option to meet people, why not get from behind the profile picture and handheld devices and see what it has to offer.