The Experience

Imagine yourself being able to sit with other people that are preselected to best meet certain criteria (e.g. age group, language, etc) for a period of 7 minutes. The amount of quality information you could gather in that time under no false pretenses or pressure is gratifying. In one evening you’ll experience a minimum of ten people where you will sit and share your common interests and goals. 

When you arrive you will be handed “your match sheet”. Throughout the course of the evening, you will keep track of the individual(s) that you would be interested in meeting again. If the person (or persons) have you on their match sheet, then there is a match!  So long as you are open minded and willing to explore the possibilities, you might find yourself surprised and pleased with the results. 

Montreal Dating Services will then contact you within the next 24 hours of the event with your matches! After that, it’s up to you.